Apache Junction Villas is the newest affordable housing complex in Apache Junction, AZ.

Our current properties are clean and well kept and our landscaping is immaculate and maintained weekly. These standards set us apart from the competition and we promise that Apache Junction Villas will continue with the same high standard. We will have an on-site manager, maintenance and landscape personnel. We are frequently complimented on the appearance and up keep of our communities.

Welcome to Apache Junction Villas, where renting feels like home ownership.

Apache Junction Villas is an affordable housing project that operates in accordance with the requirements of the Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program governed under Section 42 of the Internal Revenue Code.

What does this mean for you? -An affordable housing option unlike any other rental housing in the area.

Apache Junction Villas is not a subsidized housing project.

What is the difference? Our rent rates are not based on a percentage of your income. Our rent rates are a fixed percentage of the County’s median income.

Because we are a low income housing project there are requirements and restrictions that applicants must meet to qualify for tenancy. There are also rules and regulations that tenants must follow to ensure their tenancy as well.

Pre-qualification requirements and restrictions include but are not limited to:

  • Income (including earned, unearned and asset income) restrictions based on household size.
  • Household must contain one person who is not a full-time student (there are some stipulations allowing such to be the case.)
  • Applicant must pass our full background check including credit, criminal and rental history checks.

Some notable rules and regulations required of tenants include but are not limited to:

  • Clean units and garages (inspected every six months)
  • Sewer, water and trash are paid for, all other services would be the tenants responsibility.
  • Tenants sign a six month lease which converts to month to month after.

If you are interested in the possibility of tenancy here at Apache Junction Villas we invite you to come meet our manager, take a look at our grounds or talk to one of our tenants.

Where to go from here: Check our availability, or try our simple pre-qualification tool.