If you are asking yourself “where do I sign?” Don’t worry we feel the same way. We view this gesture as a compliment and are excited about the possibility of you moving in here. We wish it was only as easy as the phrase “where do I sign?”

But because Apache Junction Villas is a tax credit property we do take this program seriously and subsequently there are more forms than one to sign and the application process can take some time.

However, apparently the word is out about our property and coincidentally for many of you the need is great for an affordable housing option. Let’s get started……

Step 1

Check out our pre-qualification tool to see if, based on a few of our qualifications, you pass and the rest of this is not a waste of your time.

Step 2

Fill out and submit the Contact Form at the bottom of this page.

Step 3

Have a little patience. There are many variables that come into play when selecting the next applicant, so if it does not happen tomorrow please know that there may be a few applicants ahead of you. Please do not submit this form more than once, this will not give you any advantage and can prolong your wait. Thank you.